22 Ugly Cartoon Characters From the Cartoons History


Cartoons have offered a wealth of laughs and fun not just to the lives of children but also in the lives of people as adults. Everyone loves watching cartoons. Some even keep their favorite cartoons according to their preferences. After returning from school, children start watching cartoons with no further delay. Some cartoons are cute and adorable. However, some of them are rather ugly. In today’s article, we have mentioned ugly cartoon characters from cartoons history.


Rocky and Bullwinkle


The show has the record for longest-running animated series that airs on American animation television. Similar to Beavis and Butthead, Two cartoons battle each other. The cartoons’ names include Rocky and Bullwinkle. The reason why they fight is within the tile ” Ugly Cartoon Characters” in this article. It means that each of them is ugly. In addition to ” Rocky and Bullwinkle,” The cartoon is also called Rocky as well as His Friends. We believe it to be the most popular animated program within the American television industry.


Wile E. Coyote

ugly cartoon characters

Merrie Melodies created these cartoons. Wile E. Coyote is a part of the Looney Tunes. Wile E. Coyote’s cartoon character is very ludicrous. No matter how large and small, it makes people crazy with its laughter. We often saw a coyote in pursuit of food. That made him a hunger cartoon character. You may have seen or heard of Road Runner. That’s all there is. You should know what’s contained in the Wile the E. Coyote animation.


Ren & Stimpy


This is a well-known cartoon show around the globe on television. Ren cartoon character is full of emotions. Stimpy is a good-tempered cartoon character and also is less intelligent. Ren & Stimpy show nonsensical in a well-planned way. That’s the case they have in our list of ugly cartoon characters.


Peppermint Patty


We have ranked Peppermint Patty in the category of top Ugly Cartoon Characters. The character is fictitious. Peppermint Patty is the female cartoon character of this animated show. She is hideous. She’s not a listener. Very determined. The character’s characteristic is that when she’s in trouble, she can transfer her troubles to others. Peppermint Patty is a unique character. The nose of the dog is huge. That’s the case; it is cranky. 

Olive Oyl


Olive Oyl’s cartoon character is full of humor. This character’s brain is running at the % level. Olive Oyl’s character is selfish and furious. He’s also unknowledgeable. The studio that created this cartoon character named Fleischer Studios. This studio creates the most entertaining and awful cartoons. These cartoons are one of them.


Mr. Crocker


Mr. Crocker appears hideous from a visual perspective. The storyline of the cartoon is fascinating. We recognize it as the archenemy in his animation show. This cartoon character appears to be brilliant. Mr crocker spends approximately his all-time in the sphere of magic. Magically, Mr. Crocker is the fairy catcher. New tricks are constantly coming out. However, due to extremely poor bad luck, he cannot arrest a single angel.




They dress the cartoon character in oddly patchy clothing. Gargamel’s waist is twisted. Her teeth decayed. This cartoon character resembles it, tooGargamel is able to entice anyone to his advantageAn alternate way to become a thief. Gargamel is an easily frightened animal. This cartoon character takes a flight seeing something wrong or seeing any danger. Gargamel is a perfect fit in “ugly cartoon characters. “


Sideshow Bob

ugly cartoon characters

It’s hideous when you watch the cartoon. Sideshow Bob’s character aired on the show The Simpsons. This cartoon is one of the most distasteful characters in cartoon shows on TV. They drew this cartoon character from the Republican Party’s members. In the Sideshow, Bob’s cartoon has revealed as a self-proclaimed genius.




Daria Morgendorffer is a glam-wearer who wears thick-rimmed along with bulky sweaters and coal miner’s boots as a coal miner. In the case of the Beavis as well as Butthead spin-off, she also has a dull voice. Daria could have been a higher-ranked character on this list but for her unique style of plain and ugly.


Tangled’s Mother Gothel


A frail older woman with wrinkled skin and hair that is silver, Mother Gothel in her best form shown in this image. Her real age is centuries of age, which means she can’t exist without the power in Rapunzel’s locks. Utilizing her acting abilities, Mother Gothel manipulates Rapunzel to get what she wants.


Fates and Hercules


The Fates aren’t considered to be villains by most people. They are generally not considered evil since they’re just doing their role. However, that doesn’t alter any of the facts that show they are an obnoxious bunch of toons. They’re all able to see into the future since they’re all wearing the same eyes. Hair that is long and stringy, as well as pointed noses, is also common.


The Wicked Witch of the West


They also named her the evil queen. They dressed her in the Hage disguise to appear as a harmless stranger to get Snow White to open up to her. With her long, wrinkled nose and hair with blonde highlights, The Hage is an older woman that has shed all her teeth. The deceit of wicked witches works. When it comes to taking care of other people, Snow White is a fool.




Gaston’s closest buddy, LeFou, is both humorous and supportive. There’s no way to prove his credibility. Gaston is, for him, the only person that matters, and he’ll do everything to ensure that the relationship stays strong. He has a gap between his teeth and unruly blonde hair that appears to be overweight and slim.


Patrick Star


It is undisputed that Patrick SpongeBob’s favorite friend has named one of the most gruesome cartoon characters ever made. His massive cheeks and large forehead make him a sexy cartoon character who has poor breath and a loud voice. He’s adorable in his way and brings a great deal of humor to situations, thanks to his cheerful, friendly, relaxed personality.


Elmer Fudd


Forget about Bugs Bunny. Elmer is the most stupid person on earth, but that’s not for nothing – Elmer has an intelligence level comparable to one of his children and is the object of ridicule. He is frequently the victim of Bug’s behavior, but he can take revenge in some instances. Elmer is jerky, has odd body movements, and has an unusual voice that cartoon characters have copied many times.


Mr. Mackey


The character that is Mr. Mackey is too ugly. Mr. Mackey’s facial expressions are strange. He is unable to say his name adequately. Even if he speaks using a Southern accent. This is quite ugly and unattractive. But he’s extremely intelligent. Perhaps since his head is large. The typical age of the model is about 40. In middle age, the character is well-known to children.


Sideshow Bob


It’s not very attractive to watch this show. We can see the cartoon on the TV show The Simpsons. It is one of the most disgusting cartoon characters of television animation. As per the Sideshow Bob character, we believe that he is a member of the Republican Party. In the show, they exposed Bob as a self-confessed expert.


Ugly Disney Characters


Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine


The two step-sisters gave everyone an undeserved reputation, and girls of all ages should beware of their bad behavior. These female characters have large feet, and they have big mouths too. They constantly bully Cinderella and even go as far as ripping off a dress she designed to wear to a party in a fit of jealousy. The most offensive thing about the 2 unattractive Disney cartoon characters is their personality and hatred of Cinderella.




Yzma is one of the hilarious characters who will likely be featured on this list. In contrast to the Queen of Hearts and Ursula, Yzma is skinny and frail and has nearly no hair. She’s not pretty or sought-after by any of the other characters in an affectionate manner. The Emperor’s New Groove is one of the various Disney films in the collection. However, it is also filled with amazing villains and unattractive characters.




Quasimodo is among the sweetest and ugly Disney characters you’ll ever meet. He’s incredibly kind and strives always to be a good person. However, Quasimodo has a back malformation which gives him an unattractive stomach. Even some thought he was unattractive, but he is among the most loveable cartoon characters.


Mother Gothel


Mother Gothel, in her true appearance, is an older woman with wrinkled skin and silvery thinning hair. Her real life span is thousands of years, and she’s unable to live without the power of Rapunzel’s gold hair. Mother Gothel is very selfish and utilizes her acting talents to manipulate Rapunzel to get what she wants.


Madam Mim


The sly appearance of this character makes them one of the most disdainful Disney characters ever. She was a villain in an older Disney film called “The Sword In The Stone’ which ran for over sometime in 1963. The witch is and Merlin’s adversary. From her hair to how she looks, she’s not admirable.


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