People of all ages watch cartoons. Children, adults, and old-aged people watch cartoons. All have their taste in the cartoons category. Some watch serious cartoons, some watch funny, some watch scientists, etc. In every genre, there are plenty of characters. All these characters have their appearances. These appearances play a vital role in the character’s liking and disliking. This article is all about funny appearances. This list provides you with all the information related to funny looking cartoon characters.

Mickey Mouse


Funny looking cartoon characters

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse’s character in 1928. Today, Mickey Mouse is among one of the most recognizable cartoon characters around the globe. Mickey Mouse has featured in around 130 films, including long and short films. Mickey Mouse is Also featured in comics and television. Cute, harmless mouse and kid-friendliness make mickey everyone’s favorite. Mickey has a charmingly jolly everyday persona, making him a popular character for numerous people. He’s cheerful and optimistic; however, his complexion is rough. Mickey’s most notable quality is his intelligence. He’s a strategist and thinker and can construct short-term plans and strategies to achieve his goals.



cartoon characters

Walt Disney also creates a goofy cartoon character. Goofy is a companion to Mickey Mouse. Goofy is a stupid cartoon character and has a good nature, making him loveable and famous. Appearance and hell-raising lough make goofy, funny looking cartoon characters. Goofy is a standard of comedy in Disney because of his perfect comedic timing. Goofy cartoon character debuted in 1932 and featured in films, comics, and television.

Pink Panther


funny looking cartoon characters

Pink Panther first appeared in 1963 in the films.  Panther appeared in the begging and at the end of the movie. In 1969 Pink Panther appeared on television, and the name of the show was The Pink Panther Show. Personality-wise, The Pink Panther is a prankster. And prankster personality makes him funny looking cartoon characters as most people like watching pranks, and pink panther delivers it. That’s why pink panther is loved by people who like to watch funny cartoons. The pink panther show was telecast on television every Saturday morning, and people especially woke up to watch it. This shows how much pink panther is famous among the people.



They invented the Popeye cartoon character in 1928. He is famous for his one eye, huge forearms, and corncob pipe. He gets superhumanly strong by eating spinach while fighting with his enemies.

They feature Popeye in theatre and on television. Popeye’s gold-hearted nature and personality of helping weak people make him the fan of numerous people.

Popeye loves adventure and Sea and has not lost any chance of finding new mysteries and treasures. The show is full of comedy, and as Popeye’s is the sailor and this mixture makes Popeye one of the funny looking cartoon characters.

SpongeBob SquarePants


funny cartoon characters

SpongeBob SquarePants is a television cartoon character. He first appeared in 1999. It is the main character of the TV series SpongeBob The SquarePants. SpongeBob is a jolly, active, curious, and childish sea sponge with a cheerful, go-to-anywhere personality. Despite his appearance, SpongeBob is quite knowledgeable and is aware of what’s right. SpongeBob is extremely kind and innocent. He rarely offends anyone, not even those who view him as annoying and cruel towards SpongeBob. SpongeBob is a generous and trustworthy person, especially to his family members. His kindness is evident through ” Best Day Ever,” The actor gives up what he considers his “perfect day” to help his fellow friends. All these make SpongeBob SquarePants a very loving character, and the childish activities they make in the show make him one of the best funny looking cartoon characters.

Funny Looking female Cartoon Characters

Patti Mayonnaise

Patti is a lovely and affectionate girl. In her first appearance and her interaction with Doug, she is tolerant of Doug when he tries to apologize for splashing Ketchup all over her. In actuality, we believe Patti to be among the most adorable characters from the show. But she’s not flawless, and she can be occasionally rude, particularly when she’s hungry and likely to lose her temper when pushed to the limit. Also, she doesn’t shy away from boasting about having a chance of winning a match.

But, she’s generally an affectionate and caring friend, and she’s not unwilling to intervene when one of her friends is being victimized. As seen, Patti and Dough have some feelings for each other in the show. Patti’s nature makes her one of the best funny looking female cartoon characters in television shows.

Eliza Thornberry

Our next funny looking female cartoon character is Eliza Thornberry. Eliza is a twelve-year-old girl with the ability to talk to animals. Eliza’s “Gift of Gab” is an undiscovered secret. If someone ever discovered she talks to animals, she’d be unable to perform her magic. It’s not easy for Eliza to keep this important fact secret, but thankfully Eliza has her most trusted friend Darwin who she can confide with. Eliza has saved various animals from trappers, poachers, and other dangers and is never unable to make new friends regardless of the species they are from.

Sandy Cheeks

Sandy Cheeks are the main character in the SpongeBob SquarePants show. She is typically compassionate, and they often knew tender with SpongeBob and to be a great helper in times of need, as shown in numerous new episodes. Sandy is very proud of her Texan heritage, evident in the Texan accent. We have also shown the actress to possess a strong competitive streak and positive self-esteem. Despite her competitive and pride-driven character, she’s also one of the kindest and calm characters on the show, and she often assists her fellow characters and protects them from harm. She is a must-watch cartoon character and deserving of funny female cartoon characters.

Funny Looking Black Cartoon Characters

Susie Carmichael

Our list of funny looking black cartoon characters starts with Susie Carmichael. Susie Carmichael is a character in the supporting cast of the Rugrats series. It is an American-born woman who lives next to the Pickles. She’s the complete opposite of Tommy’s cousin Angelica who is a complete opposite to Angelica. As so, she’s always there to support Tommy and his friends on their adventures. She often takes the side of Angelica.

Numbuh 5

Abigail is a slim African-American girl who wears a dark blue white-striped shirt dress and a red cap gifted by her sibling Cree and gold hoops. The hair she wears is long black, which she braids. She is wearing white mary-janes. Numbuh 5, the smart, relaxed, laid-back cool, quiet, responsible street smart agent from Sector V, as well as the sole one who has common sense. She is among the few staff members that take her responsibilities seriously.

Penny Proud

Penelope Marie “Penny” Proud is the main character of the television series, The Proud Family. She is a 14-year old girl living within Wizardville, California, with her family. She is a normal teenager who wants to live the life she imagines, but her parents (particularly her dad) do not permit her to have a relationship. The girl is an extrovert, possessing excellent communication skills and an ability to connect with everyone she meets. She loves going out shopping and spending time with her friends, even if they’ve never been completely loyal to her. Despite this, Penny is extremely forgiving and compassionate, and she will do her best to find the positive in people. She’s mature and thinks very rationally for a girl of her age. She generally sees things as what they are.

Suga Mama

Suga Mama is a  wrestle-loving grandma. She’s a hip, loving grandmother who loves wrestling and doing Tae-Bo. She’s very sassy, and she always gets straight on the mark when she speaks. She continually yells at, disapproves of, and beats Oscar; however, she is a lover of Oscar in the deepest part. We do not know her age even though she was born before Korean War, as revealed in “Teacher’s Pet.” Something frequently sneered her at the son of her. A photo from 20 decades ago has her the same as she did before but, as she slimmed down to fit in wedding dresses, her eating regimen was effective in that she achieved the slim and attractive physique she was able to have as an attractive young woman.

Funny Looking Bald Cartoon Characters

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is a bald cartoon character and has the thickest Fu Manchu mustache that is white and a beard.  Roshi was close to 300 years old when he debuted in the show. He tells numerous stories that provide the reasons for his longevity. Roshi enjoys eating home-delivered pizza, and This is a humorous comedy because Roshi lives so far in the ocean. He also loves watching television, reading, surfing the internet (mainly for adult-oriented sites), playing video games, and taking naps in the afternoon.

This is one passionate, sexy pervert who watches Wide-Thigh Aerobics on TV or reads Dirty Magazines during his free time. He even takes the bribe offered by Bulma to show her thighs in exchange for the rights to a Dragon Ball early in the show.


Krillin also happens to be a Z Fighter who is short and hairless. He offers comic relief in tension-filled moments. This comic nature of Krillin puts him in our list of funny looking cartoon characters. He’s a friendly person who is an outgoing and skilled martial artist. The only thing that irks him is to be his love of women, but as the story progresses, his motives become towards romance, and in danger, he often is worried about the possibility of not being married.

At first, he was a fierce rival to Goku, who was a fierce rival. He soon became his most trusted friend during studying with Master Roshi. Master is also a good friend of Goku’s son Gohan. He later marries Android 18. And then settles down with an infant daughter named Marron. Krillin is well-known for being extremely clever in his fights, frequently relying on tricks to get tougher opponents to take them out.


Frieza is the Emperor of Universe 7, who controlled his army of imperialists. He is renowned due to his fierceness and power. He descends from Chilled, his second-born son from King Cold and the older brother of Cooler and the grandfather of Kuriza.

Frieza is the most powerful antagonist of the entire series because his actions triggered several conflicts. He’s even thought to be Goku’s most formidable adversary and arch-nemesis. Frieza has had several comebacks after his clash against Goku on Namek and has also fought numerous invasions of Earth.

Funny Looking Cartoon Characters With One Eye

Turanga Leela


Turanga Leela is the captain of the Planet Express Ship of Futurama and Munda’s mother’s daughter. She is the only-eyed character in our funny-looking cartoon characters list.

With a “no rain or sleet” attitude and a “kick-your-ass” grace, this delivery captain is a refreshing example of professionalism that can counterbalance the other crew members. For high-octane passions drove better or worse, the ship’s captain. Be it due to her desire for family, her fear for violence, or her devotion to a job done right, or her love of animals.

Leela became the world’s first female Blernsball player and the worst player of all time because of her inability to perceive depth (because she only has one eye). But in space, depth perception isn’t as important because objects are farther away, and Leela holds the Captain of The Planet Express spaceship position. Then, she got to meet her long-lost parents, and it revealed them to be sewer mutants.

Turanga Morris

Turanga Morris, the father of Turanga Leela and is the spouse of Turanga Munda. Morris has the title of maternal grandpa to Kif Kroker’s Offspring, which are Leela’s biological children. He is extremely irresponsible and encourages alcohol use by almost everyone, including Leela, who changed into a teen due to the effects of revitalizing the tar. He was also not likely to discipline Leela until she told him she wanted him to send her to her bedroom as punishment.

But he loved the daughter he had and wanted to create a more fulfilling life for her. He did this by having her go to the surface and watching his daughter from the darkness. Their goal of his is to navigate every sewer of Earth. But, he didn’t seem motivated to complete the task after being allowed to live to the surface and only did it after his wife split with him briefly.

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