Best Female Cartoon Characters In History Of Cartoons


We dedicate this article to the strength, beauty, and charm of female cartoon characters who always stood up for their male counterparts and could save from themselves in their very own unique and charming style. Cartoon characters of the female gender have existed since the beginning of cartoons, supporting male cartoon characters with their layers .

They’ve also been a great source of inspiration as well as a supporting system to the numerous cartoons over the decades. As a kid, I used to love getting awake early each day to watch my favorite superheroes battle criminals, save the entire world, and also make time for their friends as well. Sure, they fought crime and made the world a better place for us to reside in. However, the women who were with them played a significant part in their lives and were also famous for helping them through all the way. After publishing all funny-looking cartoon characters, here is our list of best female cartoon characters.


Abby Hatcher


Abby Hatcher is the eponymous protagonist of the show named after her. She and her parents moved into a hotel during the very first episode, and in the time since, they have been able to get acquainted with the different Fuzzly guests and residents. Abby is the singer in the lead for Blossom Band. Blossom Band. Abby is a cheerful girl who loves to assist and make friends with every Fuzzly around her as well as her most trusted friend and sidekick Bozzly with fuzzly-helping devices that she has at her disposal. They awed Abby with a lot of responsibility; for instance, In Mo & Bo Hit the Road, her father allows her to bike with flying speed, and she only displays confidence, not fear. Abby’s Snug  created to aid her in getting rid of sleeping problems caused by Melvin Melvin Jr.’s snoring.


Dee Dee


She is Dexter’s older sibling who’s primarily observed destroying or damaging Dexter’s laboratory in various ways. The day-to-day events of the life of Dee mostly centered on her friendship with her father and all that transpires between them. She’s about two or three times larger than Dexter and has unique body proportions. She has a small body with a big head and limbs that are like the ballerinas. To complete her ballet-inspired look, she is wearing the rose/brink pink color tiny tutu, white pantyhose, and pink ballet shoes that usually make the “squishy” noise while walking.

She shares a similar character and hair shade to her father. Dee Dee is Dexter’s extremely cute, simple-minded, lively hero’s older sister, who is extremely hyperactive. In one way or another, she typically interferes with the experiments of Dexter and destroys his lab during every episode. Still, she does this due to desire rather than malicious intention and, in fact, devoted to her brother deeply. However, she was also revealed to be a hypocritically angry person when she realized that Dexter was in her bedroom and played with her things. Dee Dee also loves ballet as well as unicorns, puppies playing with dolls and friends, and playing in the lab of Dexter and represents all the stereotypes about typical girly activities.


Angelica Pickles

female cartoon characters

Angelica Charlotte Pickles is the principal antagonist and the secondary tritagonist in the entire series. Although this is the case, she is more of an antihero in the movies and is a sidekick to the infants in the ultimate battle against the principal villains.

She is a brat who has spoilt and is the cousin to Tommy Pickles and Dil Pickles. The year 2002 was the time that TV Guide declared Angelica Pickles 7th on their list of the Top 50 Most Popular Cartoon Characters from All Time. She has the middle name of ‘Charlotte,’ which means they named her after her mother. Angelica wears her doll Cynthia all the time everywhere. She also fills her bedroom with Cynthia’s items.


Velma Dinkley


They regarded her as the head of the group and as the elder cousin of Madelyn. Velma is the most intelligent member of the group, and among the group members, she is the one with the most interest in mysteries.

She doesn’t believe in the supernatural and believes that the majority of people are fictional. Velma and Madelyn both have a lot of things in common. Each of them has a passion, one for mystery and the other for magical. Both of them read and study extensively and then over-analyze the majority of things. Velma is so smart that she says she owns an entire book about the subject.


Cartoon Network Female Characters




Nazz Van Bartonschmeer, the love interest who’s impossible to find on the TV show. Beautiful and trendy, she usually hangs in with Kevin. Every boy, except Rolf and Jimmy, obsessed with her. When one of them comes across her, they tend to sweat and become unable to speak in a coherent manner. She is the principal of the cheerleading team at Peach Creek Jr. High.

While Nazz is often portrayed as smart and charming, she is sometimes quite eccentric and acts like the stereotyped “dumb blonde” and girl-next-door. Nazz doesn’t care about the Eds as long as they don’t bother her or her pals.

Black Fire


Princess Komand’r (“Blackfire” in American English) is the older sister of Starfire, who is from the planet Tamaran. The character first appeared in the second season’s premiere, “Mr. Butt,” but did not get any more roles until the end of season five. The voice of Blackfire is Hynden Walch, who also voiced her sister. In stark contrast to the younger sibling Starfire, Blackfire is vindictive, brutal, cruel, and ruthless because she never loved Starfire and is always bullying Starfire from the time they were kids. She has no regrets for blaming Starfire for being her biological sister.

Blackfire is manipulative, willing to appear to spend the time of her life with Starfire. And then commit a crime against her sister. By permitting Starfire to allow Tamaranian Drones to detain Starfire in order to get out of her prison. She doesn’t even realize what she had done until they force her to confront the consequences. Such as when Starfire punished twice in “Mr. Butt” and “Girls Night In.”


Flame Princess


Flame Princess, whose true title is Phoebe. We know flame Princess for her short temper and unpredictable personality. She typically exhibits a calm and calm manner; however, she has frequently prone to extreme mood swings that are violent and sudden. We have also known flame Princess to have an innate sense of humor. And even although Jake, who was the one domineering, Finn was a bit too much for him. Instead, she believes it was pretty hardcore of Jake to do this, then she wishes Finn the best of luck.


Gwen Tennyson


In the original show, they portray Gwen as an intelligent, sassy, and mature woman. But she is uncompromising and smart-mouthed when was talking to Ben. Her quick thinking and strong intuition give her an edge in navigating dangers. Her feelings for her brother Ben have become more apparent, and her love for her cousin Ben. Gwen will accept the guilt of villains, including Kevin, If she believes they’ve transformed for the better.

Although she is more mature, prudent, and sensible than Ben or Kevin. She is aggressive and may lose control over her mana if she gets angry enough. Gwen often puts things on the back burner as when she placed more emphasis on Ben arriving at Julie’s tennis match in time rather than ending the Forever Knights’ armed robbery of an art museum. Gwen’s powers are an alien lineage that originates from her maternal grandmother, Verdana. She is a member of the free-spirited alien race that is pure energy beings referred to as Anodites which are of the world Anodyne. Although she didn’t inherit her grandmother’s powers, she has a “knack” for mana manipulation. It could be because Verdona manipulated mana while in her human persona.


Female Disney Cartoon Characters




First one of our female Disney cartoon characters is Merida. Merida is the shrewd and spirited 16-year-old tomboyish Willful granddaughter of Queen Elinor. Who governs the kingdom along with her husband, King Fergus. Queen Elinor’s expectations regarding her daughter lead Merida to perceive Elinor as distant while making it difficult for both. Even though Elinor would like to think of Merida as a princess, Merida is an impetuous girl who desires to determine the course of her life. Merida has developed her skills in archery and considered being one of the best archers you’ve ever observed. She also excels at sword-fighting and can have seen racing through the countryside riding the horse she rides, Angus. Despite her outgoing, strong, as well as a strong, assertive, and determined persona. Merida has a charming softness of heart, especially when it comes to her three younger siblings.

Merida is a bold and courageous, brave, strong, fierce, and headstrong girl who doesn’t fit the typical princess role. Instead of being a princess in distress that is submissive to the traditions, customs, and social constraints that her society imposes on her and demands to conform. Merida openly rebels and is adamant about her role as a princess. And is looking for just to remain an ordinary girl. She is extremely athletic and is not content with anything other than riding on her horse and practicing archery skills. They considered her to be the top archer of the royal family. She is also proficient in sword fighting.  Merida is uncouth as well as has poor manners, and she is extremely sexy.




Rapunzel is the queen of the Kingdom of Corona and is famous for her gorgeous, long golden hair. She is a vibrant and determined young lady. Through her teenage years, she’s dreamed about leaving her tower and experiencing the world outside. In spite of the strict instructions of her sole parent persona, Gothel, however, kept in the tower. The manipulative and emotional abuse during her childhood by Gothel. Has caused Rapunzel to think that life is extremely hazardous and that staying inside her safe walls is best for her. Additional mishaps resulting from the traumatic experiences of Rapunzel’s childhood would include qualities like anxiety and low self-esteem.

Gothel was often a victim when she and Rapunzel could not resolve a conflict in their relationship. Suffocating her with guilt, which encouraged her to follow her orders, hoping to get her back. All of this was in line with the strategy for Gothel. Who relied on the princess’s unstable emotions to maintain control over her. With Gothel being adamant about her emotional hold – having compelled Rapunzel to believe that she was her sole source of safety and security in harsh and hostile world chances against Rapunzel were very high.





The princess Jasmine was the antagonist in Disney’s animated feature film Aladdin. She is an independent, rebellious Princess of Agrabah who is a Middle Eastern kingdom ruled by her father, Sultan. However, they didn’t allow her to leave the palace’s walls and made to conform to unfair practices. In refusing to be treated as an unprotected object, Jasmine wants to be free from her social sphere. And lead an existence where she is at liberty to make her own decisions.

They portray Jasmine as fierce and hard-working, with zero tolerance for anyone who tries to denigrate her. Her first refusal to accept her position as a princess due to the unethical demands that are associated with the job. Which included being required to be in the palace throughout the day. Being having to get married to gain political power rather than for love. When she gains her independence at the conclusion in Aladdin, Jasmine is shown to be an active ruler of Agrabah.  With her father, rather than being a spectator. Jasmine involved in most contests in politics and rewarded with the same amount of respect to that as her father.

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