Best turkey choke for Remington 870: Pick the Right One for You!

Turkey season means collecting the right hunting equipment. The right equipment increases the possibility of successful hunting. Turkey hunting is a sport. While it’s thrilling, it cannot be very reassuring too. Imagine coming back without catching any. So, it’s important to choose the right equipment wisely. Most hunters use turkey choke tubes and turkey guns specially designed for turkey hunting. If you are a beginner, you should do the same. In this guide, we have picked the three best turkey choke for Remington 870 for your convenience. We recommend you go through this guide. So, let’s start!

Best Turkey Choke for Remington 870: Review 2020

Carlson Extended Extra Full Turkey Choke Tube Remington 12 Gauge Shotguns, 19585

This choke tube is a great choice for the turkey hunters looking for the best choke with top turkey loads. The range on this tube ensures accurate shots from any distance. Moreover, it is an affordable option. At this price, you are getting excellent durability and superior shooting in one package!

Here are some amazing features of the product!


The product is made from high-end 17-4 stainless steel with s non-reflective matte blue finish. This steel provides a high level of hardness and strength, featuring corrosion resistance. Also, this premium quality material provides maximum durability and ductility.

The tube extends one inch from the end of the barrel. Well, you might not be able to use any steel shot larger than #4.

Effective Accuracy

If you love going a bit longer than usual (in case of distance), this product is a perfect choice for you. The bigger advantage is you get to have a better kill shot!

This feature is so impressive that you would want to try out this tube from different distances. No matter what the distance is, this choke tube will definitely hit the target.


Carlson Extended Extra Full Turkey Choke Tube can fit Remington shotguns with a .640 constriction. It shoots consistently with the correct turkey shotshell and gives better performance with 7.5, 7, and 6 shot sizes.


  • Provides better chance of hitting the target from a farther distance
  • You get tighter shooting groups with this choke tube.
  • An affordable option with excellent shooting and durability—quite a deal!
  • Made of 17-4 stainless steel that can withstand any forces
  • Improves the precision of shot while hunting


  • You might need to tighten it up a little with a tool.
  • It might not be compatible with steel shots.
  • REMINGTON 19156 Rem Choke 12 GA

This one has been designed using 17-4 stainless steel with anti-corrosion properties with maximum strength. Rem chokes fit the flush with the muzzle. The overall design, construction material, and dimension make the use of super convenient and useful stuff.

Perfect dimension:

Rem choke tube is 12 gauge with being super full. Besides the perfect fitting that ensures a firm control, this choke tube gives accurate shot from long ranges. The product’s dimension that makes the handling this convenient is 5.79″ in length, 2.52″ in weight, & 1.34″ in height. With 0.15pounds in item weight, the stuff ensures a tighter shooting.

Gobbler getters firearm accessories:

When a hunter aims at headshots while hunting turkey, he needs this shooting supply to be pretty ideal for the job. When it comes to the construction and pattern, super full chokes are extra-light & densest, respectively. Though the design is pretty ideal for head shooting, you can often use other shooting types like waterfowl pass, trap, buckshot loads, etc.

Multiple advances:

The anti-corrosion Rem choke tube has a black finish &  can be used for 45plus yards as per recommendation. It has a constriction diameter of 0.035. The stuff isn’t ported, and you will get one choke included. It’s a flush type choke tube.

Pretty well target:

Some users claim that they can open up to 0.680 for their turkey hunting. Such shots are often called card shoots. The durable construction let you lead the shots without any wear of construction.


  • The durable construction and seamless stainless steel give shots without any wear.
  • You can aim at a different kind of shooting with this stuff.
  • The gobbler getters, that is, the extra-full feature gives more shooting privileges.
  • The 17-4 stainless steel prevents corrosion.
  • You can target pretty well using the stuff.


  • You can’t use the stuff for steel shot.
  • Users say the product’s packaging is somewhat misleading.
  • Truglo TG180X Head Banger Choke Tube, 12 Gauge Remington
  • Head Banger is a long-range choke that’s capable of extending the effective range. It’s the best turkey choke for Remington 870 20 gauge with lethal patterns & groove technology. Moreover, the stuff has good compatibility.


The stuff has passed the compatibility test and now well compatible with Charles Daly pumps or the semi-automatics; Remington Rem-choke 870/11-87/887/1100; Mossberg pro factor Pf3. The product itself has a turkey choke tube chart showing the compatible head-banger, gauge, shotgun models, and other needed information. This part of the feature satisfies the users.

Groove Tech:

The multi-phase groove tech involves the wadding/shot-cup & make the pellets follow the tight pattern. The pattern density is consistent enough to continue one shot after another. The lethal patterns let you reach out further than the effective range.

Wanted shots:

The product is well designed for Hevi-shot, Federal Premium 3rd-Degree, Winchester Long-Beard XR, & other turkey loads having high performance. The construction steel has passed the durability test and is heat-treated as well. The CNC has been a machine for optimum precision.


The stuff has a dimension of 6inch in length, 4inch in weight, and 2inch in height. The end face is polished enough to ensure better seating & sealing. The overall construction of the stuff is the reason behind convenient use. Unisex-adult is the user of the stuff.


  • It’s a real-deal when it comes to turkey hunting.
  • The choke tube has tight patterns.
  • You can aim at a turkey at 56yards, which is longer than a normal shot.
  • The compatibility of the stuff is super cool, allowing you to use it on variable shotgun models.
  • The end face is polished & provides better seating & sealing.


  • It won’t fit a Stoeger m3000
  • No buckshot
  • Factors to Consider While Purchasing-Buying Guide 2020
  • To select the best turkey choke for Remington 870, you must carefully go through the product descriptions and find out if it has your required features. These are some factors that you should pay heed to-.


Always consider the range from which you want to shoot the target. Also, please choose the right pellet spread with it. Range and pellet spreads vary with the type of turkey choke you purchase.


Type of ammunition largely affects the performance of a turkey choke. For best results, select 3.5″, 3″, and 2.75″ shotgun shells. #5 and #6 lead shots give you optimal results. These shotgun shells will give you velocities of 1,100-1400fps and shot charges of 1.5-2 oz.

You can use Federal’s Heavyweight and Hevi-Weight as ammunition as these are some of the best non-toxic loads. These are heavy shots than normal lead pallets and are quite expensive.


Different type of choke tube features different constriction level. Constriction keeps the shot together for a longer distance. It plays a significant role in the shotgun’s effective range. For the tightest constriction, the effective range will be the highest.


You obviously want your choke tube to be high quality. And the quality of a choke tube mostly depends on the materials. The material of the tubes is almost the same. However, extra heat treatment adds more to the quality of a tube. So, make sure to read the product description carefully.


What shotgun choke is best for Turkey?

The best shotgun choke for a large bird such as Turkey is full or super-full. These two are called “gobbler getters” and are suited for headshots required for turkey hunting. The chokes have the densest patterns and extra-tight constrictions.

Is it okay to shoot buckshot through a turkey choke?

Yes, it is okay. Usually, buckshot is best with a full and modified choke. Turkey tubes are a bit tighter than full. The tubes can make the buckshot tighten too much and give exaggerated patterns or create more pressure near the choke.

You can do it a few times. It mainly depends on the choke’s diameter.

What is the standard choke for a Remington 870?

The standard choke would be the full choke. It gives you the tightest constriction. However, if you want lighter constriction, then a modified choke will do the work. For even lighter, use the improved cylinder choke. To eliminate all constriction, you can use a cylinder bore.

Can you put a choke on a Remington 870?

Yes, you can put a choke on a Remington 870. The gun accepts the full range of Rem chokes. This allows the hunters to adjust the shot pattern to the hunting condition.

What choke for slugs Remington 870?

Rifled choke is a must to have for slug shooting. A cylinder choke is recommended for rifled slugs. You shoot them with a modified choke but don’t go for tighter constriction than that.

Final Verdict

A turkey choke tube helps you hunt effectively. It helps to improve the effectiveness of your shots, even when you are shooting from farther out. But, choosing the best turkey choke tube for Remington 870 can be a task. We hope to help you find the right one for you. Always consider pattern density, uniformity, and consistency while choosing the right turkey choke.

However, if you want the most accurate shot, go for the Carlson Extended Extra Full Turkey Choke Tube. It is the most durable and affordable option on the list.

Although choke tubes help you improve shot accuracy, you will have a hard time hunting your prey if you are bad at shooting. So, practice and learn the right skills before purchasing the choke tube.

Happy shooting!

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