five greenest cities in the US

For our nature lovers: five greenest cities in the US

Green panthers hunt on green grounds. A green vacay is the best treat for our nature lovers. If you are a nature enthusiast, you are on the right page. The US has plenty of green spaces to visit, so plan your trip with us.

A delightful green holiday is accompanied by calmness. And if you are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, grabbing the green views is meant for you.

Traveling to green spaces in the US might sound dull-witted, as the country is famed for its ultra-urban life. Nevertheless, it never compromises with its green beauty. Here is the list of the five greenest cities in the US that rolls the carpet for our nature lovers.

Portland, Oregon

The city reserves the top position in the list when it comes to greenery. Portland is synonymous with green. Tourists find the green grounds of Portland fascinating. Residents are given credits for the greenery and eco-friendly atmosphere that astounds the tourists.

The 300 public parks and 3700 acres of green spots across the city prove Portland’s greenery percentage. The countless farms are the cherry on the cake. You aren’t an authentic nature lover if you skip this city.

To explore more about the sight, you need to pack your bags and book your Portland tickets.

San Diego, California

San Diego is the perfect spot for nature lovers. The eye-grabbing greenery is every heart’s desire. You cannot skip San Diego from the list of the greenest cities.

The place is a hub for nature enthusiasts. Every year, people visit San Diego to view the greenery to spend a holiday in tranquil. You can spot countless parks, zoos, biodiversity parks, adventure parks, farms, and what not.

To get the astonishing view, hook your slings and land in San Diego.

Seattle, Washington

There is no greenery like in Seattle. The place has got a lot on it’s plate. The region is stuffed with parks, farms, biodiversity hubs, and so on.

The place will never fail to conquer your heart with its greenery. It’s a must-visit place for the green panthers, without any doubt.

If you are planning a green vacation in the US, Seattle should be your go-to spot.


Honolulu is primarily famed for its adventurous holidays, but it has something more than that. The place has exceptional greenery. You will love the green scenes of Honolulu.

Honolulu is great eco-friendly, and indeed, nobody would like to lose the chance to experience green in its fullest form. This vacation, let’s halt the urban life and experience calmness.

To experience this pleasure, all you need is just a flight booking.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is another green spot we have for you. The place is all set to flabbergast your butterflies. Exploring the greenery of Orlando is utterly different from spending an adventurous holiday.

Plan your visit to Orlando to grasp this beauty.

The list of the greenest city for our nature lovers is ready. Cooldown your eyes with green. So, are the bags ready?

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