Ronnie Aaron Killings

Ronnie Aaron Killings

Ronnie Aaron Killings is an American actor, rapper, and professional wrestler known to be R-Truth. Currently, he is working in raw as a WWE superstar. At the moment, he is the 24/7 champion. He is also known to be Ron” the Truth” killings.

R truth worked for worldwide federation known by the ring name as K-Kwick from 1998 to 2002. He also joined total nonstop action wrestling. He had won NWA world heavyweight championship 2 times.

Killing later joined WWE in 2008, but this time his ring name was R truth. He was also considered to be one of the funniest wrestlers of all time.

The early life of R Truth

Ronnie Aaron killings were born on January 19, 1972, in Williamsburg. He was facing too many financial issues, so he would sell cocaine to get extra income for his family. When he was young, he started taking an interest in hip hop and break dancing. He attended Harding university high school, where he loved to played football. Ronnie Aaron Killings was talented both in sports and music. He had also received many scholarships during his education career. During his education, he continued selling drugs and was arrested many times. He spent about 13 months in jail. After that, he quit all these things and started a new loving for life.

The professional wrestling career of r truth

Jackie Crockett had a detailed meeting with killings. He requested him to become a professional wrestler, but at that time, killings were denied as his interest was in music. Two years later,r truth decided to join professional wrestling and become a superstar. Crockett arranged a meeting of him with various superstars in WCW and pro-wrestling federation events.

Killings made his first appearance in the pro wrestling federation as a manager in 1997. He spent about 3 years under the supervision of manny Fernandez. He also then chose to join Xtreme pro wrestling.

Ronnie Aaron Killings signed a two-year contract with the WWF under the ring name known As K-Kwik. He was also a tag team partner of Road Dogg. Road Dogg and killings both rapped together. He had also signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action wrestling. Killing again signed a contract with the WWE in 2008. After the contract, it was decided that the killings ring name would be R-truth. He was drafted to raw in 2010. one of his famous tag team partners was the miz. Both had a good understanding of each other. Both of them got fired from triple h due to their illegal violation in the match but was rehired by John Laurinaitis. Their famous match was with the rock and John Cena, which they eventually lost but is considered to be the best match.

Championships and achievements of r-truth

– 2 times Slammy award winner for best musical performance and lol moment of the year

– 39 times the 24/7 WWE champion

– 2 times WWE united states champion

– 1-time WWE tag team champion

– 2 times WWF hardcore champion

– 2 times NWA world heavyweight champion

– Tag team of the year with the WWE superstar Kofi Kingston

– 1 time NWA Wildside television champion

Filmography of r truth

– In 2003, the head of the state was released. the role was Ron” the Truth” killings

– In 2008, The wrestler was released. the role was Ron” the Truth” killings

–  the Breakdance revolution was released In 2016. The role was DJR.Killings

– In 2018, blood brother was released. The role was Blaine.

Studio albums of r-truth

– In 2003, Invincible studio album was released in cd format.

– On April 1, 2016, Kllingit studio album was released in digital download format

The greatest moments of R-truth

– Wins hardcore title as Kwik in 2001

– Returning to WWE under the ring name as R-truth in 2008

– Becoming an NWA world heavyweight champion in 2002

– Team member of the WWE against the nexus

– Winning the united state champion title from the miz

– Wrestles John Cena for the WWE championship match at capital punishment

– Having a chance to fight the rock at survivor series in 2011

The funniest moments of r truth

               –One of the funniest moments of r truth was the match in the royal rumble. He thought that he needs a ladder in the match. He pulls the ladder off under the ring and places it into the center of the ring. Then he climbs the top of the ladder and searches for money in the bank briefcase over the top.

Another hilarious moment was inducting page into Slammy awards. After calling her onto the stage. he later realized that he had made a mistake. It was not page who was to awarded to Slammy award. It was another diva superstar. He explains the situation to the page and tells her that he had made a mistake. Later on, she gets angry and then goes away.

One of the funny moments included hiding under the ring all night long to save his 24/7 championship .it was cesaro, who was wanted a table for the match, as soon as he drags the table out. He sees r-truth on it.

One of the funny moments of r truth was dressing up like Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler called him on the stage by calling the name r-Ziggler. both dances were a hilarious segment.

Another moment was when he saw that big show knocked out many people with his knock out punch. He stopped the big show and punched himself to be saved from the knock out punch from the big show. This was also hilarious.

R-truth wrestelmania matches in WWE                

At Wrestlemania 26, the match was for the WWE unified tag team title match. It was between The big show & miz against john Morrison & r-truth. Big show pinned john Morrison and the big show & miz team stood victorious and successfully retained the unified tag team title. In this match, r truth lost.

 At Wrestlemania 27,r-truth participated in the royal rumble. He was thrown out of the ring and lost the royal rumble match. The great Khali stood victorious.

At Wrestlemania 28, it was a 12 person tag team match. Dolph Ziggler & David Otunga  & Drew McIntyre & Jack Swagger & The Miz & Mark Henry  VS Booker t & Zack Ryder &The Great Khali & R truth &santino Marella. The team of r-truth lost this match.

At Wrestlemania 30, r truth made his appearance in Andre the Giant memorial battle royal rumble. He was tossed over the top rope and was eliminated. Cesaro won the match. 

At Wrestlemania 31, the match was for WWE intercontinental championship in a ladder 7-way match. The contestant in this match was daniel Bryan,r-truth, dean ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper, stardust and bad new barret. Danial Bryan climbed up the ladder and stood victorious and became the WWE intercontinental champion.

At Wrestlemania 32,r truth participated in the Andre the Giant battle royal. In this match, Shaquille O’Neal was also present.r truth was eliminated by heath slater in this match. Baron Corbin stood victorious.  

At Wrestlemania 33,r truth again contested in Andre the giant battle royal but still could not get the job done. Dolph Zigler eliminated him. Mojo Rawley stood victorious.  

At Wrestlemania 34, r-truth contested in the Andre the Giant battle royal. He lost again. matt hardy won the award

At Wrestlemania 36, the match was for WWE 24/7, the title change. Mojo Rawley pinned r-truth and became the 24/t champion.

 r-truth feuds in WWE

 R truth vs. John Cena

r-truth and John Cena did not have a good relationship. r-truth was jealous of John Cena as he is an old WWE superstar but did not get the fame he deserved. He taunted John Cena by various names and disrespected him many times. He even harassed a young john Cena fan by throwing water in the face of his father. one of their famous matches was capital punishment.

The ending part was one of the best scenes. R-truth had snatched a cold drink from the john Cena fan and drank it. After drinking, he returned him, but he did not take it back. Instead, he threw it on the r truth face. John Cena took advantage, dragged him into the ring, and Finished him up with his finishing move.

Later onward, miz and r truth kept on attacking john Cena from the back and made him lose many matches. So john Cena settled a match in which he chose the rock to be his partner at the survivor series. this was one of the best in the history of WWE.R-truth lost the match along with the miz

real name: Ronnie Aaron killings

  • Nicknames: pretty Ricky, R-truth, Ron killings, R-ziggle
  • Trained by: Manny Fernandez, Chris Hamrick, Italian stallion
  • Height:6 ft 2 inches
  • Weight:220 lb
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: black

What is the new worth of r-truth?

The net worth of r truth is $3 million.

How many Twitter followers does r-truth have?

R-truth Twitter followers are 1.7M.

How many Instagram followers does r truth has?

r-truth Instagram followers are 1 million.

How old is R-truth?

R-truth is 48 years old.

Who is R truth wife?

The name of R truth wife is Pamela killings.

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