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The online accelerator, WooCommerce development services –Know it all.

What is WooCommerce?

We all are aware as to how e-commerce has become the backbone of modern trade and has transformed businesses globally. We have all read, learnt and discussed WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS system software that is instrumental in building innumerable e-commerce sites that have exceeded their performance expectations. In this blog, we shall discuss WooCommerce, which is an E-commerce plugin for WordPress. It uses the basic WordPress operating system and converts it into a fully functional e-commerce store. 

WooCommerce plays a pivotal role in the management of an online store in a most simplified fashion, provides flexibility in handling and operations, controls and manages vitals like stock inventory, establishing secure payment mechanisms, shipping and delivery of goods on time, Invoicing, and tax management. It is argued by the experts that to date WooCommerce has been the best e-commerce plug-in for WordPress. Integration of WooCommerce with WordPress allows excellent e-commerce ability and adds SEO value to your online business site. 

Let us find out how the WooCommerce plugins have helped to enhance the WordPress powered e-commerce platforms. Let’s throw some light on the reasons behind the rising popularity of WooCommerce.

First and foremost, the plugin is available for Free. It does not cost anything extra to use either the WordPress software or its e-commerce plugin WooCommerce. Free availability is a vital factor why all developers like to use it. 

WooCommerce being open source, the developers find it easy to enter, modify, make coding extensions, audit, etc. Anyone with basic knowledge of development can handle WooCommerce plugins and launch an e-commerce store, making it extremely user-friendly. Even if you don’t have years of experience or technical knowledge, the WooCommerce plugins can be extensively used to add new functionalities to your online store. Another big advantage is its wide range of compatibility, as it works without any glitch on all devices, be it your laptop, personal computer, tablet, or your smart phone. WooCommerce allows you to play with the “themes”. This option/plugin can be used to personalize your e-commerce site in a way you want. You can modify your site in a particular theme you want, you can have control over the site appearance and its function keys. You need not be an expert developer to perform these tasks, without much technical knowledge. Another great advantage is the sense of security that WooCommerce provides despite being open-source. It provides an additional level of security to your e-commerce site. 

Hence WooCommerce is all that you ever wanted to do with your online store, it gives you flexibility, security, desired style, and themes. Based on WordPress, the most popular tool used to build websites, WooCommerce has proved time and again, why it has become so popular with the e-commerce store developers and site designers. 

Today WooCommerce is being successfully used by approx. 2.4 million e-commerce sites and stores all over the globe. Due to its flexibility, excellent features, the power to customize according to client’s needs, user-friendly attributes, WooCommerce has received thumbs up from millions of new e-commerce business houses, startup companies, and enterprises. Every year there are thousands of e-commerce businesses are launched across various platforms. There are self-hosted applications like Magento, Shopify, etc, but WooCommerce is something that provides simple solutions, can be controlled/managed with ease, and has the capability of growing along with your business growth. 

How does WooCommerce help in selling? 

Your e-commerce store using WooCommerce plugins can sell anything on offer, with much ease. Any commodities or products related to fashion, apparel, accessories, etc are an instant Hit on your WooCommerce based website/online store. For example – Items like the dress, wearables, jewelry, fashion items, etc can be found easily on display offering a wide variety of designs, attractive price offers, and Live inventory.

Your WooCommerce based site is not only limited to the above, but your online store is also capable of selling goods as well as offering services to the customers. For example – the online portal of your favorite travel agency can book your dream holiday. Your online Airline e-commerce site can show the live inventory of flight tickets and the best available price offers, you can make a booking online and reserve your flight tickets, even issue your boarding pass or travel itinerary. Similarly, your online travel shop can book hotels, sightseeing, and other essential services for your envisaged holidays. 

Anything that you want to sell online, WooCommerce can help you perform the task. It can help the clients to pay for your services on offer and enable you to accept payment or service charges right on the platform. For Example – You own a villa or a beach house and you want to put it on rent. So one can now book it online directly and pay the reservation charges. 

WooCommerce not only offers a simple yet secure way to build online e-commerce stores, but it also helps you to extend the functionalities of your site, enables you to customize your e-commerce store/website as per the suitability of your business/client needs. 

Here are some simple steps that explain how to get started with WooCommerce. 

You need to have a domain that can be purchased online these days and you should have the hostname where your online shop will be parked. Next step you are required to Install WordPress and after installation, WooCommerce plugins can be installed. There is also a provision to extend or expand your e-commerce store by using various plugins and themes. 

  • WooCommerce development service providers 

Companies that provide WooCommerce development services are usually specialized in providing 360 Degree solutions for your e-commerce site/online store. Whether it is about creating attractive designs, using the WooCommerce theme development option, or making customized designs, WooCommerce developers are experts in enhancing site functionalities. WooCommerce development service providers enable the integration of the various activities within the site such as payment gateways, easy check out facility just by one click, streamline the process of shipping/delivery of goods. 

Hundreds of extensions that are on offer facilitate the customization process of your e-commerce store. The WooCommerce extensions work as an additional work force for your e-commerce site. It improves the user experience and user interface of a website. The best part of WooCommerce is that it’s a WordPress plugin making it a very popular and reliable tool for developers. 

  • What kind of benefits does the WooCommerce development service offer? 

WooCommerce plugins powered by WordPress software offers a plethora of amazing features that empower your e-commerce business. It offers smart tracking features of goods, offers up-selling and cross-selling features, helps maintain taxation norms as per geographical locations, etc, and much more. 

Professional WooCommerce development service providers shall always make sure that you are benefitted from the innovative and pathbreaking features of WooCommerce. The services provided by the developers can be listed as follows:

• Client specific web development services that are flexible yet measurable 

• Management of both front-end and back-end of an e-commerce site 

• Enable smooth and glitch-free migration from an existing e-commerce store to WooCommerce

• Ensure that during the migration there is minimum blackout time, ensuring that there is zero loss in sales or loss of any products or orders. 

• Offers a vast range of analytical tools, customization solutions, professional services in an open-source environment. 

How to choose a suitable WooCommerce Web Development company 

Your e-commerce website can be a game-changer for your business. A right website that can connect with the right audience has the potential to stay ahead in the competition, establish customer reliability and enhance the brand value. There are several startup e-commerce shops online that became popular in no time, just because they had a perfect presentation ability, followed marketing techniques that clicked well with the customers, concentrated on creating a feel-good factor for the shoppers, and at the same time provided excellent client services. WooCommerce can be your favorite plugin for your WordPress based e-commerce website, but the best utility of its functionalities can only be channelized by a developer who has expertise in handling WooCommerce. It is often an uphill task to identify the best professional to do the job for your e-commerce site or your business website and certain parameters need to be adhered to while considering the same. 

We often go by references and would like to follow recommendations but it’s hard to be assured which developer would be best suitable for your business. Wish developers would be professional and sincere in their work and shall provide the best services. Hence if you don’t have a sound technical background and don’t have a fair knowledge about how e-commerce development works, the following are the tips that can be handy for you. 

In fact, it is a wise idea to have a common questioner that can be used to filter out the best. 

  • It is customary to find out how long the WooCommerce Web development company has been in business, the experience of the staff who would be assigned to your project.
  • It is important to have a glimpse of the previously completed projects, the WooCommerce online stores created by the development company. Some good examples can boost your confidence in a real sense. 
  • For WordPress websites how does the development company select WooCommerce themes, whether they write the Themes? What philosophy is followed by the company in selecting WooCommerce themes for your E-Commerce site? 
  • Does your WooCommerce development company also develop user-friendly and SEO friendly websites? How does the company deal with building responsive e-commerce websites and what are the kind of approaches followed?
  • Does the development company provide reliable and professional post-launch services? After your e-commerce website is launched, what kind of support will the company provide to ensure the smooth functioning of the site. Will the company entertain modification requests, changes, and alterations after the online store is launched? 
  • One of the most important points is the commercials. What kind of amount will the company charge from you for the job and if the same is at par with the market price? What are the terms of payment of the company, if they are flexible or rigid? 

Above questions and a part of important clarifications that need to be clarified before assigning your project to any WooCommerce development company, who are supposed to build your dream E-Commerce site. 

There are top companies who are now known for their Woocommerce services and are offering customized packages for your specific need. Do keep reading our articles to stay tuned and ahead of all that’s happening around the Technology world.


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