Zoom shot pro review


The world has been and is still evolving. Some areas are evolving at a higher speed than others. One area that is racing in terms of evolution is technology. We have moved from ancient times to a world where everything is dependent on technology.

Arguably, everyone right now needs a phone. Not just any other phone but one with a high-quality camera. The need for a good phone and a good camera is now higher than ever due to what a combination of the two produce. Good shots…quality images. Such.

Smartphones have played a key role in making social media a powerful tool in modern life. Content creators no longer need very expensive DSLR cameras to produce their work. Photography and videography have been made easier because of the introduction of lenses that can be attached to smartphones. 

The end result is nothing less than desirable.


What is a Zoom shot pro?

A zoom Shot pro is a gadget that can be attached to the back of a phone camera to enhance the quality of the pictures taken. It is not necessary, but if you want to have some amazing pictures, you ought to try it. 

It allows you to get DSLR quality photos from your phone. Impressive, right?

It can be attached to any smartphone camera and compliment each other gloriously well because it does not have compatibility issues.

 Many at times, the smartphone camera quality is not as good as you would like it to be partially because, these cameras are not made to shoot professional videos. This is a defect that zoom shot pro lenses correct. Don’t you already want to try it? Fell free. 


Zoom shot pro desirable features. 

         Wide aperture

The aperture is the hole in a lens that controls the amount of light that gets into a camera. A zoom shot pro lens has a big range of the aperture options. The lens allows more light into the camera and the end result is a brighter photo by offering a wide aperture.

Aperture in a lens is denoted by ‘f-numbers’. When you key in a large f-umber, the aperture contracts. Similarly, when you key in a small f-number, aperture expands. Light is everything in photography and videography as well, an aspect the zoom shot pro sufficiently takes care of.

For instance, smartphones do not give you that option of deciding the amount of light you want for a particular photo. It is more or less fixed meaning all photos will appear the same in as much as lighting is concerned. 

That is reason enough why you need a zoom Shot pro lens…to have that authority to decide how lit your picture will be before pressing the capture button by increasing or reducing the aperture and other basic settings like the ISO and the shutter speed.

              A zooming option.

This lens allows you to zoom in or out altering the size of your subject in the process. Sometimes you want your subject to appear to be far away from the camera and sometimes you want them to appear to be near the camera. You are covered.  

This is the ideal lens to use if you want micro and macro pictures. Even some DSLR cameras have prime lenses which cannot zoom the image. They force you to move personally in order to capture macro and micro images.

You won’t have to necessarily move as you take the photos or shoot that video. You just manipulate the distance from a stationary point. The combination of a wide aperture and a zooming feature give you a blurry free image even with a wide aperture and a higher zoom.

Are you a landscape photographer? This one is for you. You are bound to enjoy every bit of the Zoom Shot pro lens because it is meant in a special way for people like you.

         Performance in low light areas.

With a zoom shot lens, you don’t have to stress yourself when and if you find yourself in a low-light environment because the very chemistry of the lens is designed to allow as much light into the camera as possible meaning your pictures will always be well lit.

 The feature is inbuilt. Taking good pictures at night has always been a problem for photographers but this lens has made that a little bit easier. 

         Control and set-up

The zoom shot pro gets set from the phone camera it is attached to using the AUX cable. Once you connect the cable, the phone detects it and allows you to manipulate the lens from the phone camera settings. 

 It is as easy to operate as your phone. With the cable connecting the two, they become one for the time being and that means operation gets way easier than what it would be if it was to be operated separately from the phone.

You may not be well versed with lens the itself but everyone is well versed with their phone and settings so this provides an easy way out while operating it.

It has an inbuilt Computerized Numerical Control (CDC) and a Computer-Aided Design development (CAD) to ensure the gadget performs its functions in real time as you enter them without any lags.



Arguably the best feature about this lens is its ability to stabilize images. The lens has a mobile holder and stand a result of its big size. Videographers know the essence of a gimbal. This lens offers what a gimbal does when shooting video. 

With stability, you will not shake something that will translate to the image quality you produce at the very end. Shaking disrupts the focus and without focus, your image quality is doomed. This stabilizer ensures there is limited shaking prior and even after taking a shot. 

Shaking prior to taking a shot may give a distorted image. Distorted images are turn offs in photography. The same goes for videos which are out of focus. They make or break the end result. 

A zoom shot lens ensures you are on the safe side in the fact that, once you learn how to effectively use it, the problem of distorted images and out of focus videos will be a thing of the past for you. 

Human beings shake naturally, which explains why stability gadgets have to be incorporated into photography and videography. Luckily enough, the zoom shot pro is one of the gadgets that has incorporated stability as one of its features. What are you waiting for? Grab one.


Most technological gadgets are delicate in nature. They are not meant to withstand tough physical conditions. Not the zoom shot pro lens! This lens is made with some premium quality that enable it to stay scratch free even on surfaces that are rough.

 When taking working with it, your worry is switched to how to get the best shots and not how to protect the gadget from damage. It is a tough gadget. This does not mean however, mean that you should be careless when handling. Every gadget, no matter how strong and solid, has a breaking point. Don’t push it by trying to use it how it is not supposed to be used. That will be a sure way of getting it spoilt. 

                 High resolution pictures.

Pictures taken using our ordinary smartphones often lose their fineness whenever you try to zoom them in or out. With zoom shot pro, that is unheard of. A zoomed picture maintains its resolution provided that this lens was attached. The resolution angle of vision is up to a staggering 47 times. 

No flat smartphone picture comes even close to this. Using a zoom shot pro lens gives an obvious upgrade on the picture quality that a flat smartphone camera would produce.

Resolution covers several aspects including the color saturation. It is the color that gives a picture its touch. With zoom pro, the colors are well defined, something which appeals to the human eye better than a flat image with colors which are not well expressed.

 Who wants a picture with color that are not well differentiated? I guess none.

                Auto focus function

The lens automatically helps you to focus on the subject by dwelling on it and not the surrounding mostly. It normally blurs unwanted backgrounds something which leaves your subject standing out as the only bright thing on the picture. That enhances the picture quality to a great extent.

With this feature, as an ordinary person, your workload when taking photos is cut down by almost half. Most of the work down by professional photographers lies with trying to get the subject into fine focus. It is not easy.

Given that zoom shot pro does that for you, the rest becomes a ride in the park. All you have to do is ensure your subject is within the frame and the capture. A plus for novices and those with little knowledge in photography!

Even when working with a DSLR camera, most people prefer autofocus mode. It saves you a lot of time and it is efficient. It never disappoints. Autofocus is primarily meant to do away with the complexities that manual mode carries along with it. 

Not everyone is quite at home with anything that requires some manual manipulation. It is too demanding and hectic and the nature of human beings dictates that you should try and use the easiest way possible to any task that comes your way. Zoom shot pro lens abides fully by that by providing the much easier autofocus mode.


Moisture-proof and waterproof

Zoom shot pro is made in such a way that the moisture or water that may fall on it does not get to affect its functionality. It is designed to not let in water meaning the inner parts that make it what it is are safe from damage, which can be caused by water or moisture. 

This, however, does not mean that you should store your lens in water just because it is said to be water proof!

              Improved magnification of distant objects.

Now, read this carefully. Unlike most lenses, the zoom shot pro allows you to get a glimpse of objects up to 6 miles away! Stunning, right? 

 Not every lens allows you this luxury. Kit lenses allow for some zoo activity but their zoom range is nowhere near what this zoom shot pro lens has to offer.

 6 miles is a mammoth distance and that something that should not be taken for granted. 

Our human eye cannot obviously see up to such a distance but with this lens, your eyes get a treat of a life time. Seeing something that the normal eye cannot see is one of the underrated pleasures of life and for you to experience this pleasure, zoom shot pro is the lens to grab.

So, if you want to do some wildlife photography, going on hikes and such activities, the zoom shot pro lens is the idea one for you. You won’t get disappointed.

                How is zoom shot pro helpful?

The traditional DSLR cameras are way too costly and given that they require different lenses which is an additional cost means that not everyone can afford them. The cost of photography with the DSLR cameras is quite high. It limits the adventurous nature of human beings.

 In order for people to take good pictures using their phones, the zoom shot pro as designed to take the adventurous nature of human beings to an entirely different level. With it, anyone can produce quality images.

 The cost of buying the lens is not as high as that of buying a DSLR camera plus all the lenses you require to get quality images meaning that the ordinary human being is now closer than ever to taking good photos even though not with the DSLR camera, but with their phone.


People’s reactions to using zoom shot pro

Since its introduction to the market, a lot of people have bought this gadget since it is affordable and it provides the image quality that is desirable by all. Majority of those who have used zoom shot pro laud it for its simplicity since it is only placed over the primary sensor of the camera set up.

Given that all the operations are done from the user’s phone, it is easy for anyone to take photos. Working with DSLR cameras requires some level of expertise which requires training.

 Not everyone can afford this training and that makes the zoom shot lens even more popular among the ordinary people who don’t fancy photography classes.

Even professionals at times opt out to use the zoom shot pro mostly when they are not afforded the luxury of carrying their cameras around. Everyone walks around carrying their phone. The same cannot be said about DSLR cameras.

 It is easy to walk around with the zoom shot lens together with your smartphone than it is to walk with your camera and different types of lenses.

Professionals have highly recommended zoom shot pro for people who prefer taking photos using their phones. It has helped boost the confidence of mobile based photographers who now feel like they can compete with their counterpart using DSLR cameras. 

They not only feel like they can compete, they are actually competing out there and the good thing is, the picture quality by mobile based photographers and professional photographers with DSLR cameras is the same.

I personally feel like I should get one. I will eventually get one to compliment my other gadgets. 

If you like having a variety of things, doing experiments and you have not tried Zoom shot pro then you are missing out on some wonderful experience. It may sound ordinary but it is not.

 Taking a top- quality picture using your phone is not something you often come by. The ones you take with your smartphone are good but believe me they can get a lot better than that especially if you incorporate the zoom shot pro lens. 

If you do, you will have only me to thank later on for giving you some advice that you would have paid for elsewhere. Don’t let this pass by you without trying.

                 What makes zoom shot pro ideal for photography?

Zoom Shot pro is by all means meant for photography, right from its design to its very core. It addresses the common problems photographers go through on their day- to- day activities. It is portable, and encompasses all the features a mobile based photographer would be looking in a lens that is pocket friendly.

 Talk of its depth of field, the range of aperture it allows for, the resolution of the mages it produces and its inbuilt night vision property. All these make it the ideal lens for a person who wants to capture wonderful images using the smartphone at hand.

To get amazing pictures with the help of your smartphone, you only need to invest to this one- of- a- kind gadget that enables you zoom in and out without changing the quality of your picture whatsoever. Invest your money. It is worth every penny you decide to channel into it.


These are some of the purchasing options available:

1 Zoom Shot pro -$67.00

If you buy 2 Zoom Shot pros you will get one free @$134

Similarly, if you buy 3 Zoom Shot pros you will get two free @$ 196.


International: +552135003992

Brazil: +5521350039292

Email: [email protected]

You can use any of the two contacts to get to them for any queries you might have between 9:00 and 14:00.


                 Where to get zoom shot pro? 

It is available on the Zoom Shot official website https//zoomshotpro.com/. you click on the link and it will direct you on how to purchase the lens. Having been listed as one of the leading bets selling gadget websites globally, you should not hesitate visiting it and making your order. 

It is advisable to get it online from their stores because there is a lot of scamming on the ground. There are a lot of duplications that have been made such that if you don’t get it online, you may end up with a fake zoom Shot pro gadget. No one wants that.

              Payment methods

The site is user friendly and allows for different payment options for orders such as PayPal, Visa Mastercard and Amex. Deliveries can also be made to any part of the world. The shipping is often free within Brazil


Countries it is popular in

Zoom Shot can be used anywhere in the world but it is most popular in the United Kingdom, Israel, United States, Ireland, Thailand, Canada, Japan, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Costa Rica, France, New Zealand, Spain and Singapore.

                                   Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

        How to use Zoom Shot pro?

It is as easy as it sounds. place it over the primary sensor of and attach its AUX cable to the jack available on the smartphone. The phone will automatically detect the new device and the default camera app pops up which you can use to take pictures.

The lens is usually big in size and that is why it comes with its tripod stand to support both it and the phone so that you can have steady shots.

           Where to buy zoom shot pro?

The preferable place to buy zoom Shot from is from its online stores which can be accessed from the website 

Who can use zoom shot pro?

The gadget does not discriminate its users. So long as you own it rightfully and you are in a position to use it you are absolutely free to do so. Age does not matter. A child can use it and so can an adult. Once you purchase the gadget you decide how to use it. It can be for family use or commercial use and that comes down to only you. The owner/ the user.

Is Zoom shot the best zoom lens for phone pictures?

Zoom shot gives phone users the freedom to take quality pictures without having to buy several lenses or the DSLR camera. The Gadget is not only affordable to anyone but it also produces great pictures from your phone. Zoom shot is among the best zoom lens for iphone and the best zoom lens for Android.

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